rock & rule

Are you

You're writing music? You play in a band? The music is published on the internet? For free? If you can answer these questions with yes: Congratulations! You are already!

What is

So, now that you're you may want to know what this project is for. Imagine there are artists like you. Wanting and willing to publish their music on the internet and make the music. Working on both takes time. A lot of time. Sometimes too much. The services are there to give you time back. Time to work on your music. will do all the technical jobs for you. Encoding your files to free formats (*.ogg), publishing your songs and updating informations on your artist page and other platforms e.g. (We will NOT fake any account, we will post as!)

Services on

Now, if you're still reading this page and didn't leave you surely want to know, what services exactly provides for you.
There are many many things we can do for you, some of them are for example:

How to get these services

You don't have to do that much to get in the taste of services. Do your work as artist as you're doing usually. License the result under Creative Commons, contact us, write us what you want us to do for you, get lucky and then: rock & rule!